When summer arrives, it’s time to dive into your pool’s cool, refreshing water. But what if your pool feels more like a hot tub than an oasis? Don’t worry! We have got some practical solutions for you.

We understand that the scorching summer heat in Jacksonville can increase your pool temperature, making it less refreshing. The team at Elite Pool Service is here to help you navigate this issue. With our professional advice and top-notch pool service in Jacksonville, you can keep your pool cool and enjoyable all summer.

Here are some effective ways to keep your pool cool in summer.

Install Shade Structures

Investing in pool shades or umbrellas is a smart and cost-effective method to keep your pool cool. Like how a hat or umbrella protects you from the heat, pool shades work the same way for your pool. Covering parts or all of your pool area can significantly reduce the direct sunlight hitting the water.

This, in turn, prevents the water from heating up too much. It’s not just about comfort, though. It’s also about health. Reducing the sun’s impact can help prevent chlorine from evaporating too quickly, keeping your pool cleaner for longer. So, not only does your pool stay cool, but it stays cleaner, too!

Use Light-Colored or Reflective Pool Covers

Light-colored or reflective covers are another great strategy to keep your pool cool. Think of these covers as sunshades for your pool. When you’re not using the pool, cover it.

The cover’s light color or reflective surface will bounce back most of the sun’s rays, preventing the water underneath from getting too hot. Plus, these covers add an extra layer of safety by preventing accidental falls into the pool.

Need help choosing the right cover for your pool? Our pool service in Jacksonville is here to help!

Aerate Your Pool: Install Water Features

Adding water features like fountains or waterfalls is not just about making your pool look better. It’s a clever way to cool your pool water, too. How does it work? When you install a fountain or a waterfall, it makes the water in your pool move around. This movement, known as aeration, causes some of the water to evaporate.

As the water evaporates, it takes some heat, leaving your pool cooler. So, not only do you get a beautiful-looking pool, but you also get to enjoy a refreshing swim even during the hottest summer days in Jacksonville.

Invest in Pool Cooling Systems

Pool cooling systems or chillers are a smart choice for those extra hot summer days. Think of them as air conditioners for your pool. These machines work by moving your pool water through a cooling system. As the water passes through, it loses heat to the cooler air inside the system.

Then, this cooled water is pumped back into your pool, helping to lower the overall temperature. If you’re looking for an effective solution to beat the intense Jacksonville heat, investing in a pool cooling system or chiller could be just what you need.

Our Pool Service in Jacksonville is Here to Help!

Need help implementing the pool cooling solutions covered in this blog? If so, contact our pool service in Jacksonville today!

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