A residential swimming pool is more than just a place to swim; it’s a complex system that requires proper maintenance. One of the most crucial components of a swimming pool is its filter, which plays a vital role in keeping the water clean and safe to swim in. A clean pool filter removes dirt, debris, and bacteria from the water.

Without a properly functioning filter, the water can become cloudy and potentially harmful to swim in. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the pool filter is important for keeping the water clean, but it also helps prolong the life of other pool equipment, such as pumps and heaters. If you need your existing filter cleaned or replaced, contact our pool service in Jacksonville, FL.

Below are some problems that indicate your existing pool filter is failing.

Decreased Water Flow

Diminished water flow from your pool’s return jets is often a red flag that your pool filter might be clogged or has sustained damage. When a filter is obstructed by debris or buildup, it cannot effectively cycle water through. This leads to a reduction in the power and quantity of water that re-enters the pool.

A properly maintained filter is key to ensuring strong water circulation, which is essential for a clean and healthy swimming environment. If you observe a noticeable decrease in water flow, reach out to our pool service in Jacksonville, FL.

Our team of professionals will inspect and clean your filter or advise you on the best replacement option.

Cloudy or Green Water

If you keep your pool clean and add the right chemicals but still see cloudy or green water, this could be a sign that your pool filter isn’t working right. Cloudy water happens when tiny particles are in the pool that the filter should catch.

Green water means algae might be growing, which can happen even if the chemicals are correct but the filter is dirty or broken. Addressing filter issues quickly is essential to ensure your pool stays clean and healthy for everyone who uses it.

Frequent Backwashing Needed

Backwashing is a way to clean your filter by reversing the water flow to flush out trapped debris. When you have to do this too often, your filter could either get too dirty too quickly or not work as efficiently as it should.

This could be due to various reasons, such as the filter being too small for your pool or a malfunction in the system. Addressing this issue promptly is important because an overworked filter can lead to bigger problems. Contact our pool service in Jacksonville, FL, for expert advice on troubleshooting and solving this problem.

Looking for a Pool Service in Jacksonville, FL?

Are you having problems with your pool filter? If so, it’s time to contact our pool service in Jacksonville, FL. With our help, you can keep the water in your pool crystal clear!

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